Student Program

The fire department consists of a Fire Chief, Assistant Fire Chief, (3) Captains/Paramedics, (3) Firefighter/ Paramedics and 9-10 students (obtaining their Fire Science and EMS degrees from COCC). Our call volume is approximately 300 calls per year with and average of 90% being medical related. Due to many of our year-round residents and guests being elderly, we tend to have more cardiac related calls per capita than the average fire district. In addition to our primary fire district and Ambulance Service Area (ASA), we also have “Automatic” and “Mutual” aid agreements in place for Fire/EMS with the Sisters-Camp Sherman Fire Department as well as the other Central Oregon Fire Departments.

As a scholarship student, you will be assigned to a shift after completing a six to eight week academy. You will learn, side by side with the career staff in the performance of daily duties, you will be an integral part of the fire department’s emergency crews. Your duties and training will include performing medical and firefighting tasks at the scene of emergency incidents up to your level of certification. You will also be expected to actively participate in daily fire house operations, scheduled training and adhere to your studies for school. As a result of your studies at Central Oregon Community College (COCC), in-house training and a little hard work and dedication, you should leave here at the end of your two or three years with the necessary skills and certification levels to obtain a career position in the fire service. Along with your degrees from COCC, you will also have the opportunity to certify as a Driver, Structural Firefighter I & II, Wildland Interface Firefighter, Apparatus Operator, Instructor I and an EMT Basic in the State of Oregon.

Currently we are housed in an 11,200 sq.ft. building completed in December of 1991. The station is fully equipped with comfortable living quarters for up to twelve firefighters, with the bedrooms sleeping either one or two students. There is a large eating area with a kitchen, spacious day room with pool table and big screen T.V. and both male and female bathroom facilities. There is adequate storage space in your room plus other areas in the building for resident students to store personal belongings. In order to help maintain your physical edge, we have both weight lifting and aerobic training equipment on the premises as well as access to the Glaze Meadow Sports Facility. The station has six bays housing a 75 ft. ladder truck, “Class A” engine, urban interface engine, type 6 brush engine and two ALS ambulances.

If chosen by Black Butte Ranch RFPD, you will receive a scholarship. Each of the positions is of two years duration (with a possible third year for paramedic studies), with a full ride, in district scholarship for tuition and books. You will also receive a monthly mileage reimbursement not exceeding $450.00.

If you have any questions regarding Black Butte Ranch RFPD or, if you’d like to visit or take advantage of our ride along program, please contact Captain Jared Earnest.

(541) 595-2288
[email protected]

AAS in Structural Fire Science