Burning Regulations


FRIDAY, APRIL 10, 2020.

Local fire chiefs institute burn ban.

Deschutes County Fire Chiefs are temporarily closing outdoor burning as a result of the COVID-19 virus. Outdoor burning will close at sunset on Friday, April 10.

Outdoor burning restrictions may be lifted if impacts of the COVID-19 virus subside before fire season begins.

Local fire officials say the decision to temporarily close outdoor burning was not easy. The health benefits for vulnerable populations were considered along with the need to encourage people to reduce combustible vegetation around their homes.

Fire Chiefs consulted with officials at the Deschutes County Emergency Operations Center as well as regional wildfire protection agencies, including the Oregon Department of Forestry, before making the final decision.

Deschutes County Fire Defense Board Chief Mike Supkis said, “We are preparing for a potential increase in emergency response activity in the coming weeks. We want to ensure we have enough firefighter paramedics available to care for residents who become sick.”

Most Deschutes County fire departments also provide ambulance transport services. If firefighter paramedics are responding to burning complaints or escaped controlled burns, responses to medical emergencies could be slowed.

Chief Supkis encourages Deschutes County residents to contact their local fire department if they have any questions about the closure.



General Burning Regulations

Call (541) 595-2288 prior to burning to find out if burning is allowed.
Burning will be allowed only when conditions warrant and when burning is open throughout Deschutes County.
Current burn regulations must be on site while burning. (see below for the full document)
You must have legal control of the property, or permission of the property owner where burning is conducted.
The ground shall be clear of combustible material for 10 feet outside of the fire in all directions.
No burning when temperatures exceed 90 degrees.
No burning when winds exceed 10 mph.
Maintain minimum distances of 25 ft from all structures.
Keep adequate firefighting equipment on hand at all times while burning. (Hose or Fire Extinguisher, Shovel)
All open burning must be 100% completely extinguished by sundown or before leaving unattended. Anyone burning after sundown or leaving a fire unattended may be charged for suppression costs as a result.
Fires shall be attended at ALL times by a responsible person.

If a fire gets out of control, CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY!

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