Burning Regulations

OUTDOOR DEBRIS BURNING OPENS OCTOBER 3, 2023! Click here for details.

Residents in Black Butte Ranch Fire District MUST contact the fire department at 541‐595‐2288 to schedule a burn.


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Call (541) 595-2288 prior to burning to find out if burning is allowed.
Burning will be allowed only when conditions warrant and when burning is open throughout Deschutes County.

● Current burn regulations must be on site while burning.
● You must have legal control of the property or permission of the property owner
where burning is conducted.
● The ground shall be clear of combustible material for 10 ft. outside of the fire in all
● No burning when temperatures exceed 75 degrees.
● No burning when winds exceed 10 mph sustained.
● Maintain minimum distances of 25 ft. from all structures.
● Keep adequate firefighting equipment (hose or fire extinguisher, shovel) on
hand at all times while burning.
● All open burning must be 100% completely extinguished by sundown or before
leaving unattended. Anyone burning after sundown or leaving a fire unattended
may be charged for suppression costs as a result.
● Fires shall be attended at ALL times by a responsible person.
● Fires should be at least 50 ft. away from all structures. Fires that are at least 50 ft.
away from structures may have a maximum size of 6 ft. in diameter and 6 ft. in
● Fires within 25 ft. to 50 ft. of a structure shall be limited in size to 3 ft. in diameter
and 2 ft. in height.
● No fire shall be allowed closer than 25 ft. to any structure.
● If fires get out of control, CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY!