Black Butte Ranch…THERE IS A PLACE.

Black Butte Ranch RFPD provides firefighting (structural and wildland), emergency medical services, vehicle extrication and fire prevention services to the community of Black Butte Ranch.  The fire district boundary covers all of the Black Butte Ranch residential and commercial property. In addition, the fire district also provides services on contract to three residences just outside the district boundary.  Our Ambulance Service Area (ASA) includes areas surrounding the fire district as well as Hwy 20 between the Camp Sherman junction and Indian Ford Road.  There are approximately 300 full time residents with an additional 5000-6000 visitors and guests that visit during peak summer months.

The staff of Black Butte Ranch RFPD is continually striving to meet or exceed local, state and federal mandates as well as standards in training to best serve your community.

Training consists primarily of Fire and EMS and is generally conducted on-site. Total man hours for training average approximately 3500 hours each year. These hours are not inclusive of the additional hours that each student firefighter spends at COCC while enrolled in either a Fire Science Degree and/or EMS Degree.

The goal of BBR RFPD is to continue to follow our mission of being a professional, proactive department providing emergency medical services, fire protection and fire prevention including education of the residents, guest and employees of Black Butte Ranch as well as throughout our response area.

Professional ~ Competent ~ Integrity ~ Respectful ~ Compassionate