The purpose of the Greater Sisters Country Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) is to:

  • Protect lives and property from wildland fires;
  • Instill a sense of personal responsibility and provide steps for taking preventive actions regarding wildland fire;
  • Increase public understanding of living in a fire-adapted ecosystem;
  • Increase the community’s ability to prepare for, respond to and recover from wildland fires;
  • Restore fire-adapted ecosystems; and
  • Improve the fire resilience of the landscape while protecting other social, economic and ecological values.

Originally completed in 2005 with a revised planning boundary in 2006 and revised again in 2009, this comprehensive revision maintains the original purpose and outlines the updated priorities, strategies and action plans for fuels reduction treatments in the Greater Sisters Country wildland urban interface (WUI). This CWPP also addresses special areas of concern and makes recommendations for reducing structural vulnerability and creating defensible space in the identified Communities at Risk. It is intended to be a living vehicle for fuels reduction, educational, and other projects to decrease overall risks of loss from wildland fire; revisited at least annually to address its purpose.

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